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Competence, Knowledge and Experience.

The IC National Register is a searchable database and is open to all Business Advisers and Management Consultants.

In the UK almost 9 out of 10 clients claim they have been let down by consultants in the past, due to poor delivery, over-charging or lack of skills and experience. The National Consultants' Register aims to remove the hard work and risk associated with buying in consultancy and business advisory services.

Due to the sheer number of consultancy firms operating in the UK, one of the greatest challenges can be finding one that suits your needs. The National Consultants' Register makes it easier to cut through the clutter and identify consultants that meet your criteria and be trusted to deliver.

The profiles of consultants on the Register list contact details and information about each their offerings. This includes their specialisms, case studies of projects describing a typical engagements and the solutions executed plus recommendations from previous clients. All of which help you gain insight into the individual or organisation's competencies and fit with your organisation.

Our consultant's will help you:

  • Objectively assess your current business processes and methods against best practices
  • Identify quick wins and longer term opportunities for improvement
  • Focus on how the business delivers growth through the opportunities identified

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