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An update on all things IC - June 2018.

Dear Member,

This is a good day to be sending you our Newsletter because today (7th June) is International Consultants Day. The fine work our consultants do overseas is featured in a case study on one of our key partners Challenges Worldwide. The work that they do in sub Saharan Africa is both impressive and a good read! There’s a link below and there’s also a link to the first issue of our new Management Consultancy journal – we're looking forward to your comments and to your contributions to the following issues. This month also sees the work to develop the new Chartered Management Consultant award kick off, with Gaenor Bagley and Sue Hatton joining us to lead the project – there's a full update below.

Kind regards,

Ian Watson FCMI FIC
Chair, Institute of Consulting Advisory Committee

CHMC Award Update

Following Privy Council approval for the development of the Chartered Management Consultant award activity has been ongoing in recent months to pull together a number of key stakeholders to deliver the development project. In the last few weeks Gaenor Bagley has been appointed as Chair of the Oversight Board and Sue Hatton has joined as the Director that will deliver the project - both Gaenor and Sue bring a combination of large and small consultancy firm experience and have excelled in both practioner and leadership roles in their careers to date. The Oversight Board meets for the first time on 11th June and benefits from diverse representation from business, government, the MCA, ICAEW and of course IC and CMI. This heralds the start of the practical journey to develop and launch this exciting new Chartered award and we'll be keeping you in the loop on progress in future editions of this newsletter.

International Focus

Given the international flavour of the day it seems appropriate to look at the good work that IC partners are doing overseas. Challenges Worldwide won the 2017 silver medal in the global Constantinus Awards. Much of Challenges' work involves the development of consultants who then apply their skills in Africa. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about just one of hundreds of projects that this incredible organisation undertake.

Practical Market Access Solutions for Scottish Social Enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Kalitasha - Case Study

Management Consultancy Journal

This month sees the launch of the Management Consultancy Journal. You can read the first edition and as we mentioned in the February newsletter we'd love to receive your thoughts and contributions for future editions. More detail about how you can get involved is available via the link.

We want to hear from you

We'd welcome editorials on consultancy news, initiatives and examples of consultancy best practice. The editorial should be no more than 500 words in length, which we will review and publish on the website via future editions of this newsletter.

Please email us at to submit your article or for further information.


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