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Royal Charter granted for Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC)

We are delighted to announce that in September 2017 our application for a new Chartered Management Consultant award (ChMC) was approved.

Achievement of the new Chartered award represents a significant milestone in the development of the consulting profession, enhancing the status and recognition of consulting for individuals, organisations and clients, whilst promoting the wider positive impact that consultancy has across society and the economy.

Working in partnership, Chartered status will raise the profile of the profession and provide a means for individual professional development to advance professional capability and accountability. Work will now begin on developing the award to be available from September 2018. We will keep you updated on progress and more information is available through our FAQs.

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What is the Chartered Body for the Profession?

Similarly to Chartered Manager, Chartered Management Consultant can only be achieved and retained through current, active membership. The Chartered Management Institute is the awarding body for ChMC.

When will the Chartered Management Consultant award be available?

The award will be available for individual application from September 2018. You can register your interest in becoming Chartered now. We will keep you up to date via email and contact you before the launch date with details on how you can apply.

I am already a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Does this replace CMC and will I become Chartered automatically?

The CMC award is a different award so Chartered status will not be automatically awarded to CMCs and it does not replace CMC. However, there will be a recognition pathway for CMCs, to enable a faster route to Chartered than for those with less experience. We will continue to offer the CMC award.

How can I keep up to date with progress?

Regular updates will be provided via the Institute of Consulting newsletter - you can amend your communication preferences by logging on to My Account. You can also register your interest in becoming Chartered and we will send you separate email updates and contact you with application details in advance of the launch date.