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Mentoring and Coaching Half Day Presenter Veronika Weisweiller

This interactive seminar is for consultants, advisers and managers wishing to improve their mentoring and coaching skills in order to support their clients and/or colleagues more effectively, and to decide which activity is appropriate in a given situation.

19th February 2018

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Internet & Social Media Marketing

This interactive seminar run by the Institute of Consulting and CMI CPD London & SE Networks is aimed at consultants, advisers and managers who wish to enhance their business’ performance in internet marketing and social media and to be sure to comply with GDPR. It will equally benefit those who influence clients in their marketing work.

14th January 2018

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Developing Successful Teams

The ability to lead a team to deliver excellent performance is crucial in today’s fast changing business environment. This is the case regardless of whether you have formal management responsibility or authority over the team, or if you are providing consultancy or advice to a client´s project board or implementation team.

19th November 2018

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Webinar: Setting up a consultancy

Many people, as their careers progress choose to move from graduation or employment to consultancy. How do you achieve this? – what are some of the things you need to do and what are the pitfalls to avoid? Importantly what should you charge?

28th November 2018

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Practical Networking to grow and enhance your career

Networking is a key skill that can open doors, help you solve problems and give you support in your professional and private life. Whilst it generally feared, it is a skill that is easy to master with a little knowledge and experience.

20th November 2018

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CMI London and South East Region Annual Winter Networking Dinner

Come and join other members including from the regional board and network teams for enjoyable food and networking.

4th Dec 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in all of the headlines, but what is and what do consultants need to know about it? Working through a case study of the implementation of AI in the financial services sector, this talk will help consultants discover more about AI, how it can benefit their clients, and how they can help their clients discover the benefits of AI-powered solutions.

6th Dec 2018