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Consultative Selling and How To Do It - Consultancy SG

Consultative selling is an approach that focuses on building trust and the relationship with the client first, before proposing or promoting a particular solution.

8th October 2019

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Personal and Professional Development Mini Conference

The purpose of this mini conference is to assist early to mid career members (and others)in their personal development relating to their work and to help them to consider a variety of elements and options to progress.

14th October 2019

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Achieve your goals through improved social media communication

This workshop is aimed at those seeking to develop their personal or business profiles and outcomes by a more effective use of their chosen social media platforms.

16th October 2019

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Developing Successful Teams

An interactive seminar aimed at managers of their own or of matrix teams who would like to enhance their team’s performance and effectiveness.

31st October 2019

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Bricks Not Clicks 2

A Follow up session for those who have already attended/completed a beginners´ course on The Lego Serious Play Methodology.

14th November 2019

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Mentoring and Coaching

This popular interactive workshop is for consultants, advisers and managers wishing to improve their mentoring and coaching skills in order to support their clients and/or colleagues more effectively, and to decide which activity is appropriate in a given situation.

18th November 2019

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Introduction to Consultancy and Project Management

Whether considering a new career or wanting to update and refresh skills, this interactive workshop will provide an invaluable insight into what is needed to be an effective consultant and to run a successful project.

20th November 2019