Code of Professional Conduct and Practice

We have a responsibility as the professional body for consulting to ensure our members uphold the provisions they have agreed to within the Institute of Consulting Code of Professional Conduct and Practice (Institute Code) in order to protect the reputation of all members, the profession and the purchasing community.

All members and practices must adhere to the standards of competence, honesty, integrity and other professional behaviours defined in the new Institute Code, which was launched in Autumn 2007, and approved by the Board of Trustees and Council, following analysis by Review Group of business-consulting-related stakeholders. You can view the latest version here.

Conduct process

The Review Group also recommended a single investigation and disciplinary process for the Institute of Consulting and the Chartered Management Institute, overseen by the Professional Standards Committee, which will consist of members from both Institutes.

Information which comes to our attention, suggesting that the conduct of a member may not be in accordance with the provisions of the Institute Code, will be reviewed under the proposed combined investigation and disciplinary procedures of the Institute of Consulting and the Chartered Management Institute.

For further information about the Institute Code, the work of the Investigation Panel or on the investigation procedures, contact

Membership of a professional body implies that a duty of care is accepted by every one of its members in fulfilling their professional responsibilities as business advisers and managers. The Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and Practice, which is binding on all members of the Institute, sets out the professional standards of conduct and competence, as well as the personal values, which members are expected to exemplify.

The Code was developed by a sub-group of members and was launched in September 2007. The Code reflects the respective responsibilities of:

  • Institute members as individual business advisers and managers
  • Members in relation to their practice or organisation
  • Members in terms of their commitment to the Institute of Consulting
  • The Institute in terms of the support which it gives to members and practices.
  • Members should be aware that their membership may be placed in jeopardy if formal notification and evidence is received by the Institute implying a breach of any section of the Code. If any such complaint is received, it is subject to detailed investigation within the Institute's agreed disciplinary procedures.

    These procedures are administered by the Professional Standards Committee of the Chartered Management Institute. Membership of the PSC is representative of both Institutes. The Committee is assisted by an Investigation Panel of over 40 members across both Institutes.

    For further information on the Code, the work of the PSC and Investigation Panel or on the investigation procedures, contact