Why become a CMC?

Benefits of CMC

The Institute of Consulting (IC) is the home of professional consultants. IC consultants deliver successful solutions to organisations across the globe, combining competence with knowledge and experience.

  1. Professional status and market differentiator – CMC designation
  2. Increases your confidence and reassurance that your experience and knowledge delivers high quality results
  3. A clear endorsement of your global expertise, CMC earns the trust and business of clients worldwide
  4. Internationally-portable, recognised in over 60 countries belonging to the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)
  5. Free listing on National Register for Business Support Professionals – direct channels to market
  6. Access to a wide network of resources and support through the Institute and member base
  7. Shows commitment to the highest standards of professional ethics and practice
  8. Stay competitive by commanding the respect of clients who insist on excellence and transparency
  9. Indicates to employers your commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  10. Increased attractiveness to employer – reliability, differentiation and better opportunities to progress
  11. Externally verifies your competence in specific skills needed in consultancy – providing greater client assurance and selection as preferred supplier.
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Additional Information

Exceed your potential and stand out from the crowd, by visiting our how to become a CMC section.

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