CMI Higher Education Awards

Ones to watch: the CMI Higher Education award winners

Which universities and business schools are going above and beyond to develop the next generation of students and leaders? CMI’s new Higher Education Awards highlight the best institutions for graduate employability

23 February 2018

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12 productivity hacks all managers need

12 stress-tested work hacks to boost the output of you and your team

22 February 2018

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Why university students must acquire real leadership skills: new CMI research

A major new employability report encourages higher education institutions to focus on providing real management and leadership skills for students, as well as workplace experience

21 February 2018

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Five essential rules for communicating your gender pay statistics

As managers prepare to release details of their organisation’s gender pay gap, one advisory firm explains how to handle internal and external reactions

20 February 2018

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Are you ready to manage holograms of your employees?

Augmented reality is set to take remote working to a new level and is set to change the role of the manager

19 February 2018

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The five-minute management idea: how to manage people like you manage money

A weekly shot of new thinking for business leaders: managers can boost business output and motivate employees by using timeless financial techniques in new ways

16 February 2018


Expert view: five facts you need to know about harassment in the workplace

Here are the steps managers can take to tackle workplace harassment

15 February 2018


Manager confessions: this is how I spoke to my boss about my mental health

How would you tell your manager about your mental health struggles? And how would it affect your own management style if you did? One writer reveals all

14 February 2018


This is what men can learn from female managers

As the ‘always on’ working culture intensifies, men can improve their work-life balance by learning from female bosses, who have juggled successful careers and a family life for decades

13 February 2018

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Management Book of the Year: The Review

This is the book the CMI’s esteemed panel of judges say all managers should read this year

12 February 2018

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