Bring Social Responsibility into the Mainstream

In many companies more thought is now being given to how to make the best use of corporate social responsibility budgets and increase the impact of CSR activities. What might happen if a responsible business perspective were brought to all aspects of an organisation's operations and how the full range of its capabilities could be used to address social issues? What if social, educational, environmental and health problems that have hitherto been viewed as possible arenas for occasional CSR projects were viewed as mainstream business opportunities? Would this amount to the commercial exploitation of misery, or could a combination of innovative thinking and imaginative use of new capabilities provide affordable and inclusive solutions that would transform lives?

25 November 2015

Business leaders urged to concentrate upon fundamentals rather than the fashionable

Global convention call for more focus on existing people and director and board development. So much emphasis is put upon recruiting new talent that we often overlook the importance of working with the people we have and ensuring they can cope with challenges, address opportunities and create a better future. We need to ensure that support arrangements are in place to enable people to remain current and competent, excel at key tasks and grow with a developing business.

19 October 2015


Jo Malone: The sweet smell of success

The story of how Pop-Tarts inspired Britain’s queen of fragrance to re-launch her startup portfolio with bespoke candles that are a first for the £90m scented candle market

10 September 2015


Diversity of thinking: The key to successful management

Too many managers globetrot without their thoughts budging an inch; make sure you are not one of them. Here's how...

04 August 2015


Kathryn Parsons: I want to teach the world to code

Decoded’s Kathryn Parsons is on a mission. The 33-year-old wants to smash up traditional hierarchies and bring programming to the masses.

17 July 2015

Harman commons

Why interim manager Harman's welfare stance is a tough balancing act

Roundly criticised for urging Labour to abstain from voting on the government’s Welfare Reform Bill, deputy leader Harriet Harman is in fact weathering the storm faced by any interim boss

15 July 2015

Taylor Swift

Did Taylor Swift really defeat Apple on her own?

The Shake It Off star may have delivered the final blow to Apple’s planned payment schedule for musicians, but independent music labels helped pave the way for the music star’s triumph.

02 July 2015


How has Jeremy Corbyn rocked the Labour leadership boat?

Staunch leftist’s surprise move to join race to lead the party has dramatically altered the spectrum of the candidate list, writes Jon Bennett of Linstock Communications

17 June 2015

Innes watch

"Help, I'm obsessed with my wrist!" Apple Watch reviewed

Does the Apple Watch really aid personal and business productivity? Publishing exec John Innes reviews his first six weeks of ownership

17 June 2015