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    Many people still believe that an MBA is only open to those who already hold a degree. This isn’t the case.

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Cyber crime

Six ways to be a resilient leader in the face of cyber crime

From sharing responsibility for I.T to recognise where your biggest threats lie, these are the steps that managers need to take in the face of cyber crime

20 April 2018

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Google toxic bosses

8 traits Google has identified as belonging to toxic bosses

Are you an effective team leader? Google's new management behaviour study identifies the core qualities that distinguish the good managers from the bad

19 April 2018

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4 surprising confidence hacks for new managers

Psychological flaws are sabotaging your confidence at work – here’s how to overcome them

18 April 2018

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Productivity concept

Never knowingly unproductive: Sir Charlie Mayfield on workplace productivity

Since the great financial crisis of 2007-2008, UK productivity levels have tanked. This could leave the country exposed in a post-Brexit environment when we’ll need the economy firing on all cylinders. Sir Charlie Mayfield CCMI, chairman of the John Lewis Partnership and of the government-backed Productivity Leadership Group, is focused on turning our fortunes around

17 April 2018

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Pay transparency

Should managers tell employees what their peers earn?

Growing evidence suggests pay transparency within organisations can motivate employees

16 April 2018

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Babies at work

Babies at work: one company's unusual maternity benefit

Transport company BookingGo has become the latest employer to embrace a family-friendly culture by inviting employees – and their babies – to the office

13 April 2018

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Cricket and leadership

3 ways Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella uses his passion for cricket to shape his leadership

Microsoft’s CEO reveals the biggest leadership lessons he learned from playing cricket

12 April 2018