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Members can renew their membership quickly and simply online. This saves you time and allows you to continue to enjoy the benefits of membership, that include Professional Manager Magazine and access to ManagementDirect .

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Membership Upgrades

As a proven manager and leader, take your professional recognition to the next level by upgrading your CMI membership.

Through continuing your professional journey and upgrading to reflect the current stage of your career, you are demonstrating to employers that you’re able to apply your professional knowledge and experience within the workplace. 

Research also proves that those with a professional qualification and membership stand to earn an additional £152,000 during their career – being able to prove your commitment to being a better manager opens the doors to career progression.

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Applications must be assessed before upgrades can be confirmed, based on qualifications and/or years of management experience.

Please contact a member of our team regarding your upgrade on 01536 207307 or complete our short online contact form and a member of our team will call you back to discuss.

Become a Chartered Manager

Helping people become Chartered Managers isn’t just about conferring a new level of status – it’s been proven to deliver returns worth over £360,000 to an organisation. The impact of that on any manager’s employability and earnings potential is equally impressive.

Only CMI can award this coveted managerial status. The public and private sectors have quickly acknowledged its worth in delivering superior expertise, higher levels of professional integrity and advanced leadership capabilities. Many call it the ‘practical MBA’, yet it can be achieved in a fraction of the time or cost.

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