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Meet your Chair

Liz Hoskin

Liz Hoskin CMgr FCMI

Liz Hoskin is the Chair of the Scottish Board for the Chartered Management Institute as her passion is to promote Heart Centred Leadership with the many clients she works with. She is a Chartered Manager and a Fellow of CMI together with being a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Liz Hoskin is the founder of Positive Qualities Ltd, a positive transformation consultancy and she has an exceptional ability to read people and then work with them to enable them to realise their potential. It has been said that every company needs Liz Hoskin and her team as there is a noticeable change in the energy and results of the businesses once they have worked with Positive Qualities Ltd.

In her spare time Liz has set up a programme for disadvantaged youth called The Positive Possibilities Programme™ to enable young people to build confidence, resilience and raise their aspirations to achieve a better quality of life and set them up for a brighter future. So far over 200 young people have successfully completed the Positive Possibilities Programme all moving on to a positive destination with a positive outcome.

Recently as part of her OSR (Our Social Responsibility) mission she has set up an” Immersion Hospitality Academy Programme” where unemployed individuals are trained to work within the 4 and 5 star Hospitality Sector. Together with her Hospitality partners, they have helped to create in excess of 60 jobs so far for the graduates of the “Immersion Hospitality Academy”. Liz believes that if every company replaces CSR with OSR, we will be able to provide - real access to practical skills, emotional support and wellbeing, qualifications and a career with possibilities for all the people who we have previously overlooked.

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Board Members

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Board Member Michael Coletta
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Board Member John Pickering CMgr FCMI
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