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CMI Women event : Creating an inclusive pipeline - Interview with Professor Peter McCaffery

This well attended CMI Women event was a great opportunity to discuss how we can all contribute to the development of a vision for diversity and the creation of a truly inclusive pipeline

12 July 2018

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CMI Women Webinar

Interview with Head of Inclusion, Mark Harrison

07 June 2018

Building the Trust Gap

The London CMI CPD Network

The London CMI CPD Network wishes to engage volunteers to join their team.

07 June 2018


What Is The Value Of Meeting Face To Face?

How often do you go to the meetings we organise for this region? Each newsletter gives details of upcoming meetings for our regional meetings of the IC, CMI Women, London CPD and the London Peer Learning Group.

07 June 2018

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CMI Professional Development Mini-conference, April 12th: what you missed

This engaging event combined panel sessions and interactive networking among participants.

31 May 2018

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Unique Personalities in Team Development

The premise of the session was to challenge the conventional thought process that people are difficult but rather that they are merely different. With this mindset you are better placed to be a more effective manager by forming connections and working relationships with people to the benefit of team performance and business results.

25 May 2018

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CMI London & South East Survey 2018: Help us shape our event strategy

We are developing our strategic plan for this year’s regional events and we would like to hear your opinion.

24 April 2018

Meeting face to face

What is the value of meeting face to face?

We would like to hear from all our members and learn more about what you would like to have available within our region.

18 April 2018

Building the Trust Gap

Bridge the trust gap to impact the bottom line

The CMI research “The Middle Manager lifeline” highlighted the centrality of trust and how vital it is in managing teams. It also identified the ‘5 ways to bridge the trust gap’ guidelines that are of great importance to the business.

07 March 2018

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Board Update

Read the latest board update.

31 January 2018