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Webinar: CMI after University

Hear from two recent graduates as they explain how utilising their CMI membership helped them secure graduate roles at 4 Big companies.

22 May 2019


Snapping the Stiletto

Part of Essex County Council’s ‘Snapping the Stiletto’ project – this exhibition will be sharing stories of strong Essex Women with the aim of replacing the outdated
stereotype of ‘Essex Girls’

31 May 2019


Equality and Inclusion Creating the Diversity Dividend

This programme will show how to respond to individuals’ differences for organisational benefit - creating improved management styles, advancing team effectiveness and efficiencies and leading to bottom-line growth. All this within a framework of legislative compliance.

10 June 2019

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Tactical Decision Making In the Blue Light World

Julian T Davies, Project Support Officer at South Wales Police will take us on a journey from the development of the Police National Decision Model and how it works in practice to the creation of the Joint Decision Model used by all blue light agencies.

11 June 2019


London Peer Learning - Performance Management

The London Peer Learning Group is a friendly place where anyone working or studying in Central London in management and leadership is welcome to join.

12 June 2019


Transformational Coaching behavioural change that has impact

This workshop will look at the role of effective communication in Coaching, as well the impact that both the Coach and Client’s mindset has on coaching outcomes.

19 June 2019

Time Management Juggling

Change and Risk Management

This session will provide an overview of the key models and approaches for successfully managing change, and the risks associated with change projects. The content will be particularly relevant for consultants, managers, advisers and business owners as well as to any professional who is considering or working towards a CMI qualification in management, particularly units 7010V1 and 7022V1.

20 June 2019


Effective Work Wellness

Current statistics show that there are still high numbers of employees being affected by work-related physical and mental health conditions. This workshop will take a fresh look at work wellness programmes; participants will discuss the best design features of a successful programme and how to achieve meaningful results within a small budget.

26 June 2019

Bridge gap

Consultants Course for Registration for the ISO 20700 standard

All you need to know about the ISO20700 standard. Work towards certification as a consultant in the use of the project self-declaration checklist.

02 July 2019

Project Management

Supply Chain Management

With the release of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 came more of a focus on risk-based thinking and supply chain management.

19 August 2019