Leadership development

Leadership development

By the time a manager reaches the top it is tempting to assume that they don’t need to develop their leadership skills any more. But the simple fact is that the most effective leaders have hungry minds that constantly strive to enhance their skill set to help them:

  • Engage their workforce
  • Drive change more effectively
  • Implement strategy successfully

The benefits are clear: truly effective leaders can reduce talent loss by as much as 87%, for example.

Because leadership development often requires a bespoke slant, depending on your sector, organisation or individual needs, we utilise a diagnosis, design and delivery approach.

Our support includes:

Individual attention

Coaching is the preferred means of development for many leaders. That’s why we offer 1:1 executive coaching, leadership qualifications plus a range of other interventions designed to enhance key skills.

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Senior management courses

Our qualifications include options specifically designed for CEO’s. We are the only body to offer Level 8 management and leadership courses as well coveted Chartered Manager status for these high flyers.

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