Diagnostic tools

Diagnostic tools

Our suite of diagnostic and evaluation tools has been developed to improve the way training is delivered by identifying exactly what your managers need, and what they don’t need.

It’s a consultative approach based around the requirements of your organisation and managers. We then design the most effective solution that will give you the greatest return on investment.

This is proven to result in more engaged managers making a real difference to organisational performance. The questions below are the starting point to identifying your managers' training needs - what would be your answers? 

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How competent and confident are your managers?

Knowing where the strengths and weaknesses of your managers lie before embarking on a development programme is critical to the success of the training you provide. It’s also valuable to know whether your managers’ confidence in their own capabilities is backed up by their knowledge.

That’s why we’ve developed Managementknow, a competency-based assessment tool that focuses on two key business areas of performance management and employee engagement. This enables you to pinpoint gaps in knowledge and address managers’ exact needs through relevant, targeted training and support.

It’s an extremely effective way of ensuring people receive the right training whilst also providing an accurate benchmark for the future development of your managers and organisation as a whole.

  • Maximises the effectiveness of your training budget
  • Targets business-critical drivers focusing on employee engagement and performance management
  • Improves management performance through on-going assessment
  • Improves engagement, giving managers greater self-insight into their development needs
  • Identifies the risk levels attached to your managers
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How effective are your managers?

All managers need to understand the impact of their behaviour to be effective. Our online 360-degree feedback tool enables you to measure managers’ behaviour and determine how effective their management and leadership skills are.

Through a series of searching questions based on your organisational objectives we gather feedback from line managers, colleagues and peers to assess managerial performance. Their feedback often inspires positive change and means you can tailor your development activities to precise needs.

  • Maximises your training budget through more targeted training
  • Makes succession planning more accurate and cost-effective
  • Encourages open feedback and continuous improvement
  • Quick and easy to implement with minimal disruption to the workplace
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