End Point Assessment.

The apprenticeship journey starts here.

CMI is a leading and recognised End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) that provides an independent End Point Assessment (EPA) service for the Leadership and Management trailblazer apprenticeship standards.

Built with excellent customer service, quality and support, our end point assessment measures the skills, knowledge and behaviours of each apprentice and grades their performance against the Apprenticeship Standards. We’re also the only organisation that can embed Chartered Manager status within EPA.

To support you with the EPA process and all aspects of apprenticeship reform, we’ve put together a handy overview document. The document covers the fundamentals of EPA, available for you to download below.

Download the EPA Fundamentals

Getting started

To help you identify the key milestones in EPA, we’ve designed an easy to navigate process to support you from registration to certification. Packed with supporting guides, templates and checklists tailored to providers, employers and learners, we aim to make the EPA process smooth and successful.

View the EPA process

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To find out more or to book your EPA, speak to a member of our dedicated team.