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Practical Networking to enhance and grow your career

Networking is a key skill that can open doors, help you solve problems and give you support in your professional and private life. Whilst it generally feared, it is a skill that is easy to master with a little knowledge and experience.

20 November 2018

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The proven the provocative and the perverse

During this informative and engaging session, we will explore many of the commonly held myths relating to the performance of people.

21 November 2018

Magnifying glass

Webinar: Setting up in consultancy - Things you ought to know

Many people, as their careers progress choose to move from graduation or employment to consultancy. How do you achieve this? – what are some of the things you need to do and what are the pitfalls to avoid? Importantly what should you charge?

28 November 2018

CMI Women

Authentic Leadership Conference

Whether you are in a senior leadership role striving for continuous improvement or at an earlier stage of your journey towards excellence, effective leadership is essential for high performance.

29 November 2018
Leamington Spa

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Business Masterclass - The Barcelona Way

This business masterclass will explore how organisations create a winning mindset and delve into the culture of FC Barcelona.

29 November 2018

London Peer

Annual Winter Networking Dinner

Come and join other members including from the regional board and network teams for an enjoyable evening with good food and excellent networking.

04 December 2018

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What Lies Beneath? - Ethical Business Practices and the Impact on Consumer Trust

The presentation will analyse the growing trend in ethical responses taken by organisations and the impact this has on consumers.

05 December 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in all of the headlines, but what is and what do consultants need to know about it? This talk will help you discover more about AI, how it can benefit your clients, and how you can help your clients discover the benefits of AI-powered solutions.

06 December 2018

Modern Desk

Internet & Social Media Marketing

This interactive seminar is aimed at consultants, advisers and managers who wish to enhance their business’ performance in internet marketing and social media and to be sure to comply with GDPR.

14 January 2019


CMI and IET Joint Annual Dinner

The 23rd CMI and IET Joint Annual Dinner. This year’s event focuses on the engineering and managerial challenges behind Bloodhound, the 1000mph record attempt car.

31 January 2019